Friday, November 9, 2012

Album Organization

I always enjoy any information I can get my hands on regarding Album organization.  My system has evolved over the years and I've finally settled on a system that works for me.  I've needed some help in this area and have found ideas from several resources, including Stacy Julian's Library of Memories class over at Big Picture Classes and Shimelle's Cover to Cover class.  I've incorporated what works for me from both of these systems after lots of thought about how I like to scrap as well as how I like the story to be told. 

Here is a photo of where my library is now housed.  I've used an IKEA Expedit shelf and have put it on it's side.  It is in the study of our home and my family and friends all know where to find my albums.  I try to label most spines so that anyone browsing can easily see what's inside.  Right now I've converted to 3 ring binders and mostly use WRMK 12x12 albums with some American Crafts mixed in for albums being used for themes such as travel or holidays.  I still have older post bound albums which are complete and I have chosen to keep them that way. I also have Creative Memory albums which are also complete.  As you can see, my system has taken some twists and turns, but I like to have it all together and all represented.  I know my own system may change someday and right now that's why I love binders. They give me so much flexibility so I can rearrange as I chose to in a way that tells our family's story best.

In a future post I will share more details about what's inside my albums and how I organize my layouts within them.


  1. Love how organized you are! I think I need an Expedite shelf as well. The albums look perfect in there, but I just bought another bookshelf from IKEA so I'll probably have to wait until we move next year to get another one. What brand are the metal frames used to label your spines? I want some of those!

    1. The metal labels are from an office supply store. I believe Staples, but most of those type of stores have them. I usually attach them using a glue dot or a binder clip and coordinating ribbon. I just recently labeled my albums and it is nice for people to see what is in the book as they browse the library. The black labels are chipboard and were a lucky find at Tuesday morning several years ago. I don't know know who made them.

  2. Your system looks great! I follow Stacy's LOM system, but I always keep the pages in each themed album in chrono order. (I have the main 4 categories: All about Us, Places we Go, etc. in their own albums). But the layouts inside each album are in date order. I didn't take Shimelle's Cover to Cover class. I may have to do that. Thanks for sharing, and I look forward to your next post.

  3. I love seeing other people's systems! And turning the shelf on its side? Genius!